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Just some weirdness that escapes from time to time... I have no idea where these things come from, and believe you me, sometimes I'd like nothing better than to make them stop.

And I mean short shorts. Dialog and I are not on a first name basis, which is probably why it's like pulling teeth to get me to do something that actually has any.

Comfort Food
A double-drabble. This one is all Lucy's fault. (Blood Ties - 5/2007)

Hercules ex Machina
A typical day in the life of Hercules and Iolaus. Written for Yuletide 2006. (H:tLJ - 12/2006)

Cadfael discovers that you can go home again. Takes place immediately after "Brother Cadfael's Penance". This was written for Yuletide 2004, and never would've existed if it weren't for Elyn. (Brother Cadfael - 12/2004)

Hercules Drabbles
I'm not sure if I should blame these on Mary or Martha, so I'll blame both. They are evil enablers! (H:tLJ)

Fire, Fire
A Pretender fic list asked for ideas to start the third season, since TBTP ended with an all-cast BBQ. I must've been having a bad day... (TP - 1998)

A Fifth Doctor and Tegan thing, set after Anne Ellis' Life Study. (DW - 1997)

Dear Diary
Inspired by Lance Parkin's o-so-ambiguous ending to The Dying Days (DW New Adventure - 1997)

These are the completely and totally can't-mistake-them-for-anything-but-gen filks.

The Ballad of Baron Martin
aka The Courtship of Sparkie's Father *g* (SCA - 7/2005)

The Capulet/Montague Rag
Lady Montague, Lady Capulet: tell us how you really feel! (Romeo & Juliet - 4/2005)

Do You Know the Way to Take a Head?
From FMC #7 - Going away with no word of farewell. (HL - 2003)

Mac the Highlander
From FMC #4 - A Tournament of Lies (HL - 3/2003)

Now I'm Sixty-Eight
From FMC #1 - Duncan with a 68 year-old Tessa (HL - 1/2003)

I'm A Head Shorter
I've got nothing against Kronos, but when you hear "I'm a Believer" 4x per day, something's gotta give. Set during CaH/Rev. (HL - 7/2001)

Last Plane to Paris
Methos' take on the end of 5th season. (HL - 7/2001)

Horseman Pie
My first HL filk, and my favorite. When I finally got around to seeing CaH/Rev I just couldn't resist. (HL - 11/1999)

It's Twankey
Everybody deserves a theme song, especially our wonderous Window Twankey! (H:TLJ - 1999)

I Am The Very Model of a Teenage Vampire Slayer Girl
My first Gilbert and Sullivan filk! And evidence that even filks get JOSSed. (BTVS - 1/1999)

My Life Will Go On
Inspired by the Fox Doctor Who movie 'Enemy Within' and that horrible song from Titanic (DW - 7/1998)

Inspired by the only Pertwee episode I've seen (Invasion of the Dinosaurs is a comedy, right?) and all the 'UNIT dating' jokes you hear on your average Doctor Who list. (DW - 2/1998)

An Ode to Lungbarrow
Inspired by Marc Platt's Lungbarrow, a book that still hurts my brain. In a good way! (DW New Adventure - 1997)

These filks are a little on the suggestive slashy side. If that's not your thing, please don't click.

And much thanks to Taselby for creating the logo and taking pity on my completely and utterly boring web page. She rocks like a rocking thing!